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S.S.S. Osprey - Royal Navy Unit 59
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Dennis Hudson

29 March 1930 - 7 August 1993

Dennis with brother Sidney and Peter Woolgar (ASL) at Starboard Scouts' Summer Camp 1990 - Bewl Water

From "The Starboard Light", issue 33 (16 July 1993) by Den Hudson:


As you know we sometimes have Patrol Corners whereby ideas are bandied about by the Patrol giving each in the Patrol a chance to have a shout. These periods of trying to get the old brain box going are generally all too short. I say call a separate meeting maybe at Camp, the HQ or one of the Patrol's homes. I reckon if you ask Mum you might get coffee and a biscuit! I offer a few ideas for you to think about and add to:

1. A weekend camp: each boy contributes to the weekend. ie. menu, campsite, easy access to water, programme, cooking facilities, transport. Patrol Leader coordinates all the ideas and presents the weekend programme to Keith/Paul just to check for blunders.

2. Patrol Sketch/Play/Jokes. Say 10 mins long and let the Troop have the benefit of your acting experience. You'll have fun rehearsing and we trust the Troop will clap or give you a Raspberry!!

3. Think of a new game.

4. Mystery cycle tour. A Scouter would have to be in attendance.

It's amazing just how many items/ideas you could put together in say about an hour. Try and get each Patrol member contributing to the fun, it also will help with your Patrol teamwork.

Go to it Bro's. Let me know how you get on.

I hope to get along to see you. Ill health prevents me at the moment.

Happy Scouting.

Den Hudson.

From "Scout About" September 1993:

Dennis was appointed Assistant Scoutmaster in 8th Worthing Seas Scout Group in March 1952 and remained with the Group, apart from a short break of less than four years in the sixties, until the end of 1991 when he was appointed a District Scout Leader, but even then he continued to help with the Group.

From the beginning of October 1983 to November 1991 he was Scout Leader of one of the two Scout Troops in the Group.

Dennis received the Long Service Award in 1967 and the Bar to the Long Service Award in May 1992 when it was first introduced.

He was a great believer in "the good old Scouting Values" but was always very popular with his Troop because of his expertise at running Camp Fires and also his great love for a practical joke. However, inspite of the fact that he ran his own business and the time that he devoted to his Scouting duties Dennis is probably best known for his involvement, as Producer, with the Worthing Scout and Guide Gang Shows. Over a period of 27 years he helped build up the reputation of the Worthing show to being one of the best in the country. This was reflected in 1987 when the Chief Scout visited the show.

His service totalling nearly 38 years has been recognised by the award of the Medal of Merit in 1968, the Bar to the Medal of Merit in 1982 and then in April 1993 the Silver Acorn.

In spite of his failing health he was very much involved in the organising of the Gang Show in 1993 and at the end of June attended the District AGM to hand over the RNLI proceeds of the collections taken during the show and also to be presented with his Silver Acorn.

Dennis will be remembered and greatly missed by many members of the District past and present, and especially to all those boys and girls, to whom Dennis came across in his time as Scouter and as producer of the Worthing Gang Show.

We extend our sympathy and condolences to his wife and family.

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