All about Badges

During your Scout's time with us there are many badges that they can earn.

Did you know that as well as hiking, healthy eating and camping badges, our Scouts can develop skills in IT, PR and mechanics?
Our activity badges allow Scouts to demonstrate their progress in various pursuits, and help them to form new interests. They are usually awarded when a young person has completed a challenging yet achievable set of requirements.

We also have a number of Challenge Awards, which focus on more ambitious tasks and are themed around the zones of our balanced programme.
If your Scout does an activity outside of Scout's then they may be able to get a badge for it, check out the badge criteria and then bring in some evidence and we can assess if it's enough for a badge.

Badge Critera

Activity Badges:Many of the badges available are activity badges, which allow Scouts to show their progress in existing pursuits, but also to try all kinds of new things and form new interests. - Click here
Staged Activity Badges:As your young person progresses through the Scout Movement they may obtain staged badges that mark levels of achievement within a field or mark how many adventures they have had. - Click here
Challenge Badges: These are the hardest badges to obtain, they represent a significant achievment. All 9 of these badges need to be earnt to achieve the Top Award. - Click here
Chief Scout's Gold Award: Scouts have nine Challenge Awards to complete, plus any six Activity or Staged Activity Badges. Scouts will spend up to four years in this section, giving them plenty of time to achieve all of these awards before they move up to Explorers. Although, if they haven’t quite finished by the time they move on, they can complete in their first term in Explorers. Click here for more
Core Badges: The core badges are awarded for length of service, assuming leadership roles and for moving on through the Movement. Click here