"Full Uniform" is worn on the 1st Thursday of every month unless otherwise informed, as well some other occasions during the year.
At all other Thursday meetings uniform should be worn from the waist up. This is also known as "Half Uniform"
For "Half Uniform" meetings we recommend that the scouts wear their Group Polo Shirt under the uniform jumper so that it can be taken off during activities and that girls do not wear skirts due to the activities they will be taking part in.
During the Summer term it's not practical to wear a heavy wool jumper. So the leaders will then say that "Summer Uniform" should be worn, this usually happens after the Summer Term investitures.

The uniform required is listed below and there is also a diagram of the position of the badges which each Scout will gain over the time they spend in the Troop, click here

Full uniform

Clean Hat, Ironed Scarf, Sea Scout Jumper (with all the badges sewn onto it), Group Polo Shirt, Dark Grey or Black Trousers, Black or Dark Grey Socks (no patterns) and Black shoes (polished)

Half Uniform

Clean Hat, Ironed Scarf, Sea Scout Jumper (with all the badges sewn onto it)

Summer Uniform

Ironed Scarf, Group Polo Shirt - no hats or jumpers

Where can I get uniform from?

Uniform can be bought from the District Shop Northbrook Barn Community Centre, Squadron Drive, West Durrington.
For directions see www.northbrookbarn.org.uk. For information 01903 872514
Saturdays 10.00 a.m. – 12 noon Wednesdays 6.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. Term-time only.

Or you can buy it online from the official scout shops website CLICK HERE

Group Polo Shirts can be purchased online from Pinnacle - CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT Note on Hats...

Currently a new Sea Scout hat is £41! A much cheeper option is to go to BDR trading in town and get a second had one, that will cost you approx. £12, or you can look on Ebay for a Sea Scout or Naval ratings hat