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Spring Term 2017

Update 16th May Hi All, this week we will be looking some fun with knots and lashings

Half uniform please.


Summer Camp 2017 will be from the 12th to the 19th of August. Please sign up asap if you want your Scout to attend.


Here is the link for the knots pdf. The older scouts will be aware of this item, but all scouts may benefit from looking at it.

click here

They need to look at the following knots; reef, sheet bend, figure of eight, round turn and two half hitches, clove hith and bowline

New Programme, New Badges....

The Scout Association have revamped the programme and changed loads of badges.... "The refreshed Programme simply means better Scouting for young people and volunteers"

More information can be found here - CLICK HERE

The main one for us will be the new Time on the Water staged badge that we will be working on during the Summer Term and during Summer Camp. Sorry but it look like there will be more sewing involved!