Uniform, or where do all these badges go?

Full uniform is worn on the 1st Thursday of every month unless otherwise informed, as well some other occasions during the year. At all other Thursday meetings uniform should be worn from the waist up.

For half-uniform meetings we recommend that the scouts wear a T-shirt under the uniform jumper so that it can be taken off during activities  and that girls do not wear skirts due to the activities they will be taking part in.

The uniform required is listed below and there is also a diagram of the position of the badges which each Scout will gain over the time they spend in the Troop.

Full uniform

Clean Hat, Ironed Scarf, Sea Scout Jumper (with all the badges sewn onto it), Troop T-Shirt, Dark Grey or Black Trousers, Black or Dark Grey Socks (no patterns) and Black shoes (polished)

Half uniform

Clean Hat, Ironed Scarf, Sea Scout Jumper (with all the badges sewn onto it)

Each Scout will also wear the 8th Worthing scarlet neckerchief. For Scouts joining who have not previously been a member of the 8th Worthing this will be supplied by us. The Troop T-Shirt can be ordered online from our Pinnacle shop. CLICK HERE

Sea Scout Jumper

We expect your child's uniform to be very smart. As we say to the scouts "Please make sure that your Scarf is ironed and folded properly, your hat is clean and your uniform has all its badges sewn on properly and that your shoes are polished.

If you have any queries, please contact Alyn and he will be able to help you with any questions.

Click on the image for a better view. Remember that we wear the group badge on the scarf