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31st January 2001

1. I am pleased to inform you that as a result of an inspection carried out on 29th January 2001, Ministry of Defence recognition of the 8th Worthing Sea Scout Group has been renewed for a further period. A Royal Navy Recognition Certificate has been forwarded to the Group Scout Leader.

2. a. Group Strength
        Venture Scouts:
        Sea Scouts:
    b. Assessment
        General Appearance:

Very Good
Very Good

Badge work:

Very Good
Very Good

3. This was an indoor inspection, which took place at the group's purpose-built and spacious headquarters in the grounds of Thomas a Beckett Middle School, Glebeside Avenue, Worthing. It was attended by the District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner (Recruitment), the County Water Advisor and members of the Executive Committee.

4. The programme commenced with the Inspecting Officer being piped aboard by a very smart, disciplined and well-rehearsed Side Party; the pitch-perfect piping was most impressive. After being introduced to attendant dignitaries, the Inspecting Officer witnessed the ceremony of Colours and was then invited to conduct his formal inspection of the assembled parade. Sixers from the three thriving Cub Packs were also on parade and were, without exception, very smart on their appearance; they are a credit to their leaders and the group.

5. Due to the size of the group, Scouts were divided into two troops, (port and starboard) and each watch was inspected separately. The entire Troop was very smartly presented and all Scouts responded confidently and positively when questioned by the Inspecting Officer. Badge work is progressing well with a commendable number of Proficiency badges awarded, particularly in the Canoeist, Junior Seaman and Swimmer categories; the Group is encouraged to continue this excellent progress; it is recommended that emphasis also be directed toward the attainment of the higher Seaman awards.

6. During the ensuing activities phase, Scouts were divided into ten bases covering a broad range of skills. The majority of activity bases were Seamanship orientated and included; Instruction in dinghy capsize techniques with the aid of a small model; Rope work - this included instruction in knots/hitches and the uses of each, and splicing, at which Scouts were honing their skills of Back Splicing and the Crown Knot. Younger members of the Troop were receiving instruction in Boat Parts and the characteristics of Life jackets and Buoyancy Aids. Sound signals, both for vessels in sight of one another and in restricted visibility, were being taught to a group of enthusiastic and attentive Scouts. The Inspecting Officer also witnessed instruction in first-aid as Scouts, working towards their Explorer Award, were learning how to recognise and treat the symptoms of hypothermia. Cocurrently, Scouts working towards their Pathfinder Award were learning Meteorology, and in particular how to identify cloud formations and the Beaufort wind scale. Other bases included a teach-in on the rules and safety measures taken when diving, and the rules and procedures to follow when kayaking. Meanwhile the Venture Unit were equally industrious in planning a forthcoming hike, planning their busy Unit programme, and producing imaginative designs for a refurbished Gun Room. Overall, this was a comprehensive and impressive display of the groups training and planning abilities ashore. The standard of instruction was very good indeed. Scouts responded knowledgably when questioned by the Inspecting Officer, each indicating a firm understanding of their respective subjects.

7. The inspection programme concluded with a short prayer for the victims of the Gujarat earthquake followed by the Lord's Prayer and the ceremony of Sunset; ceremonial drill was, once again conducted with the utmost alacrity and pride.

8. This was an enjoyable inspection of a thriving Sea Scout Group. The size of the Group reflects the selfless commitment and dedication of the high-calibre Leaders and Executive Committee. The evening was rounded off with a delicious buffet in the Wardroom, which provided a welcome opportunity to meet with members of the group in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. The 8th Worthing Sea Scout Group epitomises the standards expected of a Royal Navy recognised Group and remains most worthy of its Admiralty recognition.

N M Ellis
Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy
For DNRes

Copy to:
Mr Ian Wetherall
GSL 8th Worthing Sea Scout Group
(with Recognition Certificate)