Whats On?

04/09/2015 (17:30 to 18:45): Back to beavers Bring in your Worthing Postcard to share

11/09/2015 (17:30 to 18:45): new kits in.  New Kits please bring your Postcard of Worthing with you. Please arrive early if new kits-5.15 instead of 5.30.

18/09/2015 (17:30 to 18:45): FITNESS NIGHT - Night to be run by D of E Bronze explorer scouts.

19/09/2015: AGM BBQ

20/09/2015: Beaver Funday

25/09/2015: COOKS BADGE PART 1 Tonight we are learning about food safety and hygiene in the kitchen.

02/10/2015 (17:30 to 18:45): INVESTITURES. Cooks badge part 2. Investitures at BEGINNING of Meeting. FULL UNIFORM PLEASE.

09/10/2015: Space Activity Badge

16/10/2015: Space Activity Badge

23/10/2015: T.A.B. Fireworks Tonight we will be getting free tickets for the beavers to go to the middle school fireworks.

30/10/2015: HALF TERM

06/11/2015: JUNK MODELLING SPACE CRAFT/ROCKET Please bring in junk for your beaver to be able to use their imagination and create a space craft.

13/11/2015: International Activity badge part 1

20/11/2015: International Activity Part 2

27/11/2015: International Activity badge Part 3 - Tonight we will be tasting different foods from around the world and also making some!!!

04/12/2015: Hama Bead night


18/12/2015: Christmas outing To be announced